The Enamelist Society and the Center for Enamel Art will be holding an “enameling lunch,” with information geared towards students. The informational session will be held in the student lounge (room 208) from 12:45-1:45pm on Sunday, January 14:

Grab your lunch and then come join us in the lounge to have a little presentation/chat about what we are planning and changing at The Enamelist Society. We are in the midst of implementing many changes that we believe will interest you as students. And we thank you for your ongoing suggestions, which we are actively implementing!

This is a great way to meet and mingle with some of the folks that are trying to elevate and raise the level of awareness for the enamel artistic medium. We hope we will see and meet you there!

Center for Enamel Art founder and 2018 Symposium Presenter Judy Stone will discuss the center’s programming, including the Radical Enameling workshop series, Large Scale Enameling at KVO Industries, and a new Master’s Series.

The Enamelist Society Board Members that will be present:

Pat Nelson, president

Cullen Hackler, director

Anne Havel, treasurer

Hal Nelson, secretary

Sharon Massey, board member