Ripple Effect:168 

On view January 5 – 25, 2018 in the Wellington B. Gray Gallery, Jenkins Fine Arts Building of East Carolina University. The opening reception will be 6:00-9:00 PM January 12th, 2018.

Organized by Adam Atkinson and Everett Hoffman, this collaborative exhibition is the result of multiple exchanges between the metalsmithing programs of East Carolina University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Ripple Effect: 168 refers to the distance between the two schools and the relationships that were cultivated throughout the project. Innovation and community building are the central themes. The exchange included studio visits to ECU and VCU, as well as a retreat at Pocosin Arts which culminated in an exhibition featuring the collaborative work of the participants. Artists worked in pairs sharing designs, components, materials, and ideas to create finished works.

The artist pairs include: Susie Ganch & Mi-Sook Hur, Jina Seo & Tim Lazure, Meg Wachs & Adam Atkinson, Haiyin Liang & Kayla Staigvil, Anne Bujold & Zach Schaberg, Everett Hoffman & Holly Roddenbery, Lenae Zirheld & Nadia Massoud, Alli Kokulis & Sephra Reyes, Jolie Brianne Steinert & Suber Howard, Hosanna Rubio & Claire Keatley, Ryan Martin & Barbara McFadyen, Hailee Manipole & Joanne Lang.

Joanne Lang_Hailee ManipoleNikki_RE168

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