'Rabun' series

Lisa Klakulak is a studio artist residing in Asheville, NC, an instructor of workshops worldwide and an avid traveler, observer and interpreter of her experiences into felt. Lisa received a B.F.A in Fiber Arts from Colorado State University as well as a K-12 Teaching Licensure from Tennessee Technological University during her 3 year artist residency at the University’s satellite campus, the Appalachian Center for Craft. Lisa has independently pursued the felt medium, developing unique methodologies and creating both body adornment and sculpture inspired by the vulnerability of the human experience. Her works have been published in Fiber Arts, Surface Design Journal, Fiber Art Now, American Craft and the Lark 500 Series. Lisa received a James Renwick Alliance Award of Excellence for Innovation in Craft in 2015 and continues to push her chosen media by experimenting with the extremes of high (thin) and low (thick) shrinkage of wool fiber.

Klakulak_AblationBreakout Session: The Necessity of Space: Felting around Armature & Free-motion Embroidery on Felt

We must create space for things to happen, both a void in the routine and high paced use of our time and in the physical juxtaposition of mass. Space allows for movement and is the most crucial element of the felting process. It is necessary for the individual fibers to come together, intertwine and transform into something new. Lisa will demonstrate how to encase wire armature in a continuous thin skin of felt. By strategically increasing the surface area around the object, one can create the space needed for the wool fibers to shrink into a felt that will fit snuggly against the form, revealing the contours of the enclosed object.

Additionally, Lisa will share how juxtaposing thin areas of fiber with denser areas of felt as well as non-felting materials creates surface texture through different shrinkage rates. These textures can be further exploited with the fine line and compacting tension of free-motion embroidery.