Blaine Lewis is widely recognized as one of the premier diamond setting instructors in the U.S. today. Blaine is the founder and director of “New Approach School For Jewelers” and has taught more than 6000 students from all over the world in both stone setting and metalsmithing.

Blaine began his career learning from some of the top jewelers in the country and spent years developing his own bench expertise. He has an innate ability to innovate and find practical solutions and apply them to stone setting techniques and jewelry making. He felt strongly about sharing his knowledge with others and therefore, began his teaching career holding workshops across the country.

He pioneered the use of high-definition, high-magnification projection during demonstrations of fine, precision work, allowing students to see every step of the processes as they were learning. In 1996, Blaine founded “New Approach School For Jewelers” and designed classrooms and teaching methods to provide superior communication between students and instructor. Students say that his technique of high magnification, is nothing short of transformational.

Today, Blaine teaches a variety of classes at “New Approach School For Jewelers”, located in Nashville/Franklin, Tennessee that range from five-day workshops to his twelve-week graduate bench jeweler programs. He continues to inspire, innovate and train, new generations of jewelers to help evolve the art of jewelry making.


Blaine will be demonstrating a number of his techniques in stonesetting using a magnification camera system to allow participants to fully observe his methods. Depending on available time, setting methods will include flush setting, prong mountings, an oval thick wall bezel set, channel and bead settings.