IMPORTANT INFO!! Parking, Art Walk, Charm/Pin Swap

Hello everyone! We are so excited to be hosting you all in a few days! With an event like this, parking can always be an issue, but this year we expect it to be a little more difficult, and we want to prepare you as best as possible.

The campus has just begun a construction project that has closed two main parking lots behind the Joyner Library and Mendenhall Student Center, off of 10th St. As a result, there is no longer visitor parking on the main campus itself.

The symposium starts on Friday the 15th, with registration from 5-7pm on the second floor of the Jenkins Fine Arts Center (#14 on the map), located off of 5th and Jarvis. The parking authority has lifted the permit requirements for us around the building starting at 5pm on Friday. If you park next to the building before 5pm you may be ticketed! They have been enforcing these rules more stringently than in the past.

For Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday, additional parking can be found in the housing grid directly across from the Jenkins Fine Arts Center, starting at Holly to Maple, and 5th to 1st. These spots require a permit from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, but are open at all other times.

There is free two-hour parking on Reade Circle between 5th St and 1st St, and a larger parking lot at the corner of 5th and Evans, which is close to several of our shows downtown. The Jolly Trolley will be providing transport between the Jenkins Fine Arts Center and the shows at the Greenville Museum of Art and Art Avenue. If you park downtown, you can catch a ride on the Jolly Trolley up to campus, which is about a 10-15 minute walk.


Make sure to stop by the Jenkins Fine Arts Center for registration, as well as two symposium exhibitions and Jewelry Edition 2’s pop up store! You will receive your workshop assignments at registration And we will have maps and info for the Art Walk at the check-in table!

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*As usual, we are having a Charm/Pin Swap on Saturday January 16th at 6:00PM. If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped or boxed single piece of jewelry and drop it off at registration. You will then randomly be matched with another person, which is a great way to add to your jewelry collection.*

Saw File Solder @ Dirty LAM


The Dirty Lam is studio home to ECU alum Andy Denton, who is graciously opening his space for a Saw, File, Solder Race from 7:30-9:30 January 15th during the ECU Material Topics Symposium Art Walk.

Dirty Lam
213 W 9th Street 
Greenville, NC

*This is a BYOB event for those of age only*

Momento Exhibition

Momento, an exhibit curated by current graduate students Barbara McFadyen and Kayla Staigvil, will be on display in conjunction with the Annual ECU Material Topics Symposium from January 15-17th. Opening Reception: January 15th 5-8PM Momento Burroughs Welcome Gallery Leo Jenkins … Continue reading

It Came From Under the Bench Exhibition


It Came From Under The Bench will be featured January 15-17th, in conjunction with the ECU Material Topics Symposium. It is curated by current graduate students Hosanna Rubio and Sarah Loch-Test.

Opening Reception: January 15th 5-8PM

It Came From Under The Bench
Burroughs Welcome Gallery
Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center
East Carolina University

Obsession Exhibition


“Obsession is a show about the ideas and things that get stuck in our heads and won’t let go. The work featured comes from many different disciplines by artist at different levels, from student to professional.”

Obsession is curated by Phil Ambrose, who is a NC native metalsmith with a BFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University and current Artist in Residence with Pocosin Arts.

Opening Reception: January 15th from 6-9PM, in conjunction with the Annual ECU Material Topics Symposium.

Obsession Exhibition
Greenville Museum of Art
802 Evans St, Greenville, NC


The Afterlife Exhibition


Royal Mourning by Luci Jockel

The Afterlife Exhibition, curated by Lisette Fee, will be featured at Art Avenue in conjunction with the Annual ECU Material Topics Symposium and will run from January 15th-30th

Opening Exhibition: January 15th 5-8 PM

The Afterlife
Art Avenue, 212 E 5th St,
Greenville, NC

Pencil Brothers Exhibition


Pencil Bros. balancing cigarette papers on their noses.


“In 1966 I was a few college credits short of maintaining my educational ability of avoiding the Draft which would have put me into the thick of the Vietnam War.So I registered for Summer school at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington the city that Ken Cory grew up in.I took a ceramics class and Ken was a student in the class and he knew his way around the throwing wheel and he gave me some tips on how to throw a pot and we hit it off like 2 brothers. This was the era of Abstract Expressionism and our Professors professed that school of thinking and both of us discovered it made both of us sick so we embarked upon a journey in our art that featured recognizable subject matter, humor and a dash of Surrealism thrown in.Then we also decided that it was not only OK but very playful and a blast to make art together much the same way musicians find it fulfilling to play music together.We first signed our 3 dimensional pieces The Art Team and one day we both awakened to the fact that the name was as interesting as a spud sandwich so what ensued was our beginning as the Pencil Bros. I was starting to sign some of my work as Pencil and one of our art making weekends as we got ready to sign the back of one of our metal fabrications Ken piped up that we could sign the back of the piece The Pencil Bros. and he could be Red and I could be Lead. Ken and I called each other these names until his untimely death in 1995. He often said,”better Red than Lead “. I miss him every day .” – Leslie LePere

The Pencil Brothers Exhibition will be on display during the Annual ECU Material Topics Symposium, January 15-17th. Their work will be located on the third floor near room 1322.

Pencil Brothers Exhibition
Third Floor, Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center
East Carolina University

For more information about Leslie LePere, please visit his website at

Northwest Profiles: The Pencil Farmer