Hephaestus Flatware Set
Hephaestus Flatware Set By Phil Ambrose


Pocosin Arts has been a leader in Arts Education in Northeastern North Carolina for the past 21 years.  During that time, Pocosin Arts launched a residency program that has grown over the years to include three, year-long residencies as well as special short term residencies. The work in the ‘Pocosin Arts Resident Artist Exhibition’ will showcase the work of the many talented artists who have come to Pocosin Arts to participate in our residency program.  We are very proud of all these individual artists. The exhibition will be displayed within Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center for the duration of the symposium. Please contact Marlene True at marlene@pocosinarts.org regarding any interest in Pocosin Arts Center.

Matt Repshure in his studio

2 thoughts on “Pocosin Arts Resident Artist Exhibition

  1. Hello, Am registered and need a recommendation for accommodations for the 2016 event. Thank you for your reply, Sylvia Dawe

    1. Hello,

      If you type “hotels 27834” into a google search, they give a great straightforward list of local hotels and the price breakdowns, along with a map so you can see where it is in relation to the campus (our event takes place on the 5th St/Reade Circle end of campus). The Holiday Inn is always a popular choice, and the hotels on the Greenville Blvd side of things are further away but closer to other amenities. The only one I can say for sure that I would avoid is the Econo-lodge. Hopefully that helps!

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