Leah Pierce Bio Photo

Leah Pierce received a BFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University. She has worked as a jewelry designer in the fashion and commercial industry for the past 10 years. Leah is currently a design consultant for companies including Marc Jacobs, Coach, Trademark, Aerin, and Bottega Veneta. She has successfully supervised the finalization of more than 250 designs per season, including the design concepts and ultimate completion of jewelry, hair accessories, belts, handbag hardware, and runway jewelry for men and women. She focuses on the development of emerging brands and the growth of existing jewelry categories. We are happy to welcome her as an Alumna.

Leah Pierce Lecture Photo

Leah will be giving a lecture based on the process of design for mass production. She will discuss the relevance of how her traditional metalsmithing education along with additional design knowledge has influenced the development and advancements of her career. Leah will be including her own personal knowledge on the materials and process of Fashion Jewelry Design.