Beyond the Basics

Barbara Minor Bio Photo

Barbara Minor is known for her distinctive enamel jewelry, innovative enameled beads and unique enameled vessels. She is a studio artist living and working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Barbara’s recent work has been focusing on researching experimental techniques using enamel. These new works explore the use of liquid enamels in combination with powdered enamel on forms made of copper foil or screen and steel. Her work has been shown throughout the U.S. and abroad, both in galleries and major juried craft shows. Barbara also conducts workshops, lectures and demos on a variety of enameling and metalsmithing techniques. Her work has been featured in 500 Enamel Objects, The Art of Enameling and Art Jewelry Today.

Barbara Minor Demo Photo

In her workshop, Barbara will be demonstrating how to create complex images using enamel. Repetition and illusion of texture will be emphasized utilizing screen printing techniques with enamel. The layering of images will be shown using both opaque and transparent enamels. Dry silkscreen printing allows for results not possible with stencils or that are too tedious to complete by hand more than once. The basics of enameling will be given appropriate attention and Barbara will also demonstrate how to design, expose and mount screens for use with enamels.


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