Greetings all!

The introductions and descriptions for our artists will continually be posted over the next following days. The postings will give details on lectures and workshops as well as a bit of background info about our featured artists. Another reminder that registration begins on the 15th!

Martha Banyas Bio for Demo Photo

Martha Banyas previously taught printmaking, metals, and enameling at Mt. Hood College in Portland, Oregon. She began focusing on enameling and eventually resigned her tenured position in 1985 to become a world traveler. Her experiences in Indonesia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe have influenced her work. In 2005, she returned to the studio as a full time artist, where she seeks to create a unified system of imagery, technique and aesthetic intention. Martha has lectured and taught enameling workshops extensively in the US, Canada, and Japan and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally

“Guardians, Restoring Balance”, 2010 Enamel, copper, wood backing

Martha’s workshop will discuss how to develop a sculptural narrative in enamel. She will explain her process of drawing and pattern making. Martha will demonstrate the preliminary steps of forming, applying counter-enamel and base coats and the transfer of drawings. The successive steps of under glazing, firing, over glazing and finishes will also be explored.

We are honored to have Martha as our Keynote speaker for this year’s symposium. She will be examining the nature of experience, life’s fluctuations, coming to terms with illness and the recovery that follows. Barbara will also speak about her current work and the journey through its origins, iconography and history and the unpredictable outcomes that were a result of her explorations.