Greetings All!

The blog lives! Classes are in full swing here at East Carolina University and we have missed you! Fret not; for we have not forgotten about you, in fact we have been planning, organizing and trying not to go crazy all spring and summer to bring you yet another exciting symposium. Registration for this year will begin on October 15th. Mark it in your calendar! We will be sure to remind everyone through the blog a few days beforehand as well, so keep an eye out.

This year our Co-Chairs include Barbara McFadyen, Hosanna Rubio and Kayla Staigvil.

Barbara McFadyen earned her BA in Creative Arts at Eckerd College in Jewelry Design and Silversmithing, and is currently in her second year of the MFA program in Metal Design at East Carolina University. Barbara’s work explores a variety of contemporary and traditional enamel techniques, including Basse-Taille and Limoges, with jewelry fabrications in silver and gold. Recently, she combines her love of metal and enamel with the art of bookmaking, drawing her inspiration from the natural world and her personal experiences of love and loss. Barbara has always been fascinated with birds and adores dogs.

Hosanna Rubio has a BA in Art Education from California State University Long Beach, where she also studied metals and jewelry, and is in her second year of the MFA program in Metal Design at East Carolina University. Her work uses a blend of techniques including enameling and casting, and draws from her personal experiences with issues such as health, medicine, and religion. She has way too many cats.

Kayla Staigvil earned her BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing at Edinboro University, where she learned traditional smithing techniques. She is currently earning her MFA and is at the end of her second year in the Metals Design program at ECU. Kayla’s work incorporates filigree, antique porcelain, doll parts, pearls and other mixed media to create wearable assemblages. Her work deals with concepts of beauty, surrealism and the abject body. She is also self-described crazy cat lady.

Please look forward to more posts regarding:

  • Presenter and Workshop Information
  • Calls for Entries, we have many interesting themes for shows this year
  • Exhibitions, Pop-Ups, Gallery Hop, Oh my!