This year, we will have a workshop on electroforming presented by Rachel Shimpock:

Make it plate! Learn how to make your own copper plating set up! From MacGyver to legit – learn how to set up an affordable home electroforming situation. Let’s explore setups and talk plating together. Discover your plating options and grow closer to growing copper in your home studio!


About Rachel:

Rachel Kassia Shimpock is a California native raised in Orange County by two high school teacher (hard core nerd) parents who encouraged her to follow her art dreams.  She received her MFA in the Jewelry/Metals program at San Diego State University and her BFA from Cal State University Long Beach. Metal and the format of jewelry in particular speak to her and for the last 12 years have allowed her to communicate personal stories…and there are many! Rachel is carrying on the legacy of her family and her trade by teaching, getting involved in her community, utilizing every opportunity to nerd out and spread the gospel of metals and jewelry!