Meet another one of our presenters, Brigitte Martin!

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“How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Numbers”
Life after school is full of question marks. Where do I go from here? What have I learned and how can I turn this into a career that sustains me in the long run? Every student’s outlook is different but every graduate has a chance to make it work – if they follow some basic rules of business.
Brigitte Martin will talk about what really happens after school, and how you can survive on your own using your creative energy, common sense and pluck.

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About Brigitte:

In 2008, Martin created the international online social network CRAFTHAUS to foster camaraderie and professional exchange within the international craft community. As the site’s editor she works closely with the membership to help them connect with the larger craft world and progress on their career path, while offering them a safe place to show work and express their thoughts and ideas to an audience of their peers.

Martin founded a national Craft Think Tank in 2011 and continues to organize the annual meetings in cooperation with the American Craft Council. In 2012, Martin published her first book, Humor in Craft, which won the FINALIST award at the 2012 USA Best Book Awards and a Gold Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2013.

Martin’s jewelry has been exhibited at the Museum of Art in Cleveland, and in galleries across the US. Martin curates and juries exhibitions nationally and in 2012 CBS media named her one of the best art curators in Pittsburgh, PA.

Martin is a current Board Member of The Society of North American Goldsmiths as the Fundraising Chair and Community Liaison. She is also committed to the organization’s Professional Development Seminar Steering Committee. Martin is a national public speaker on topics of social networking, online community, artist development, and entrepreneurship.


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