Bonticou Crag 2

Keynote Presentation: The Opposite is Right

Art and design in any form can be rather polemical; there are ideological arguments, defenses of taste, material hierarchies and moral codes of use. We are in bed with DIY and running after the next phase of CAD/CAM with the same determination. The practice of Metal/Jewelry could be perceived as either a discordant mixture or benevolent host to opposites. This lecture will explore this dichotomy and its consequence.

Jamie Bennett has been the recipient of the Aileen Osborn Webb Award for Fellow of the American Crafts Council, 2009, recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship three times, Windgate Foundation Grant and Rotassa Grant recipient for Edge of the Sublime, The Enamels of Jamie Bennett, retrospective exhibition and book. His work is in the permanent collection of over twenty five museums internationally, including Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Museu de Arte Decoratif, Paris, and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. His most recent one person exhibition, Among Etc. was in November 2013 at Antonella Villanova Gallery, Florence, Italy.

Brooch by Jamie Bennett: Bonticou Crag 2, enamel on copper, silver,  2 1/4″x 3,” 2014.