Here it is!  This is what you have been waiting for…our 24-karat gold line-up of presenters!

Keynote Speaker:

  • Jamie Bennett

Capstone Speaker:

  • Laura Wood

Presentations by:

  • Ana Lopez
  • Brigitte Martin
  • Beverly Penn
  • Chip Thomas
  • Mary Frisbee Johnson

Break-out Sessions:

  • Kristin Beeler
  • Kim Cridler
  • Nicole Jacquard
  • Demitra Thomloudis
  • Becky McDonah
  • Stephanie Metz
  • Chip Schwartz
  • Courtney Starret
  • Rachel Shimpock
  • Ian F. Thomas

Now that you know who is going to be here, you have to attend the symposium!

Next week we will be posting calls for entry for the Symposium-sponsored shows. Get those saw frames ready.