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Classes have started here at East Carolina University and we are already well underway in planning our 2015 Symposium! Our theme this year is Crafting Connections. After a long cat nap, we are ready to go again.


We would like to introduce this year’s symposium co-chairs who have been plotting and planning for seven months to bring you a spectacular symposium: Alison Bailey, Mary Klacza, and Sarah Loch-Test.

Alison Bailey has her BFA with an emphasis in Metals and BA in Women’s Studies from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is in her thesis year of the MFA program in Metals Design at East Carolina University.  Her work merges traditional metal and textile techniques. She loves piercing, hippos, and cheese because she is from Wisconsin.

Mary Klacza has her BFA in Human Centered Design from Northern Michigan University and is currently in her thesis year of the MFA program in Metals Design at Eastern Carolina University.  Her work revolves around traditional smithing because she enjoys hammering metal. She also loves cheese.

Sarah Loch-Test has a BFA in Jewelry, Metals & Enameling from Kent State University and is a second year graduate student at East Carolina University.  She used to work with furry costumes and her work is inspired by the time she spent living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Actually, all three co-chairs are from the Midwest and enjoy cheese.


Things to be looking out for in our upcoming posts:

  • This year’s lectures and workshops
  • Multiple calls for entry for shows to be held during the symposium
  • Registration Date (Don’t worry yet! It’s not until October.)

This year, in addition to 17 presenters we will be hosting a discussion panel led by symposium founder Laura Wood!

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