Hello everyone,

Now we’d like to introduce you to Kathryn Osgood.


Kathryn Osgood is a studio jeweler, enamelist and assistant professor at College of The Albemarle in Manteo, NC. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine and her Master of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University. Her fabricated and enameled jewelry pieces are inspired by botanical forms and the flora and fauna of her coastal North Carolina environment. She has been published in The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects and Inspiration, 1000 Rings, 500 Necklaces, 500 Earrings, Contemporary Enameling: Art and Techniques, and The Art of Jewelry :Wood

Workshop Description

Enameling: Color, Texture and Form

In this workshop, we will explore ways to use vitreous enamels in your work to create a rich, colorful and textured surface through the use of overfired enamels, layering opaques and transparents, sugarfiring and by incorporating elements such as reflective glass beads, seed beads and sand. I will demonstrate enameling on two and three dimensional surfaces and discuss solutions to setting enamel pieces. We will explore enameling as a textural element, along with texturing techniques for metal.

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