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Now we’d like to introduce you to Christina Miller.


Christina Miller is the director and co-founder of Ethical Metalsmiths (EM). Ethical Metalsmiths, founded in 2004, leads jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry. In collaboration with Susie Ganch, Miller designed EM’s popular Radical Jewelry Makeover project. Prior to assuming the directorship of EM, Miller was the Asst. Prof. of jewelry and metalsmithing at Millersville University (PA). She received her MFA from East Carolina University and BFA from Millersville University. She received a Distinguished Civic Leadership award while at teaching at Millersville for her work with Ethical Metalsmiths


Ethical Sourcing and Your Practice: the big picture and specific solutions

Presentation Description:

Which are the most ethical choices? Fair trade or recycled gold, Kimberly certified or second hand diamonds, sodium bisulfate or citric acid pickle? The once hidden realities of the origins and pathways of precious metals and other materials used in jewelry are now known to be burdened by social and environmental devastation. Therefore, the design decisions that jewelers must face go far beyond what most university programs teach regarding form, function, and technique. In addition to creating amazing work, today’s jewelers additionally need to make educated choices about materials and their social and environmental impacts. This presentation will include an overview of the current ethical issues facing the jewelry/metalsmithing field and will feature examples of how progressive jewelers, social activists, and environmental organizations are responding to the critical issues surrounding jewelry. Christina Miller will describe Ethical Metalsmiths’ innovative projects, all designed to help jewelers build a creative practice on a well-informed foundation they can feel confident about.

 NOTE: Ethical Metalsmiths Director invites your “ethical” jewelry questions in advance of the symposium. Please email all questions by December 18, 2012.  Please feel free to email your questions to us and we will forward them on to Christina.

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