Symposium Presenters Extended part 2

Hi Everyone,

Next we’d like to introduce you to Autumn Brown.


Autumn Brown is a native of Augusta, Ga.  Having jewelers and ceramicists in her family, there was inspiration to work with similar creative processes, and a college jewelry class solidified the thought.  She now holds a BFA in Metalsmithing from the University of Georgia and an MFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University.  Her artistic works have received awards for artistic merit and have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Currently, Autumn resides in Greenville, NC where she teaches Metalsmithing and Design to students at Pitt Community College, helps run a studio space called the Dirty LAM, participates in the local arts, and moonlights as an independent studio consultant.   When summer arrives, Autumn transitions North to Interlochen, MI, where she recently completed her 3rd summer as metals faculty for Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Workshop Description

Metal + Ceramic

Discover different ways your metalworking knowledge can be used to bring ceramic elements into your work.  We will explore the use of casting, fusing and enameling to embellish porcelain surfaces as well as employ a variety of setting methods to unify materials

Tomorrow we will preview Christina Miller and Jillian Moore.

Your Friendly Symposium Staff


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