Hello everyone,

Wow.  Its hard for me to believe that this January will mark the fourth Material Topics symposium.  The last three years have seen so many wonderful moments, moments of inspiring lectures, fascinating demonstrations, and uplifting camaraderie.  It is with great pride that we announce our fourth symposium Material Topics: Making Marks.

The symposium will take place on the campus of East Carolina University on January 18th-20th.  We have a lot in store for you this year and we will begin sharing all of the presenters for this years conference with you on October 15th.

But before we do I thought it might be fun to take a look at our distinguished presenters from symposiums past.


Angela Bubash

Mary Hallam Pearse

Rob Jackson

Linda Darty

Tim Lazure

Christine Zoller

Bob Ebendorf

Margaret Yaukey

Courtney Starrett

Michael Gayk


Ken Bova

Dan DiCaprio

Lisa Johnson

Mi-Sook Hur

Michael Dale Bernard

Tom Muir

Nicole Jacquard

Caroline Gore


Angela Bubash

Amy Tavern

David Huang

Lisa Clague

Jean Campbell

Renee Zettle-Sterling

Masako Onodera

Marlene True

NC Black–Andrea Kennington and Les Bryant

Laura Wood

Please begin looking for updates regarding this year’s symposium, including who our presenters will be, on October 15th.

Your Friendly Symposium Staff