Another symposium has come and gone.  Exhibition openings, workshops, lectures, professional development, and panel discussions were a few of the things we did over the weekend. And a really excellent cocktail party that had us dancing the night away.  It was a blast to have so many new faces join us for this years symposium.  We hope you’ll come back next year when we do it again.  Until we meet again, all of us here at the Material Topics Symposium wish you all the best.

Safe travels friends,

Your Friendly Symposium Staff.

P.S.  Check the blog over the next week or two as we post photos to the blog and if you have a photo that you would like to send us please email


2 thoughts on “Many Thanks and Safe Travels

  1. I get the feeling that you all have some idea of just how fortunate you are to have a place like ECU to study metals with such a gifted and generous faculty. This is no small thing. I thank you for the gift of being able to attend the symposium. For me, as an independent (and self-taught) artist out here in the real world, it was a chance to explore and recharge. Your energy and enthusiasm for the field of art jewelry is inspiring. Thank you!

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