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ASHLEY BRODIE WORKSHOP:  “Sustainable Habits”

Ashley is a studio jeweler and teacher in Durham, North Carolina. She created her namesake jewelry line in 2005. She graduated with Honors from East Carolina University with a B.F.A. in Metal Design in 2001. She also studied at Montana State University and at the Gemological Institute of America.

Workshop Description: In this workshop, we will touch on how to run a sustainable jewelry business, as well as discuss the importance of both recycled metals and green studio practices to lessen the impact on our planet. Sustainability is a key element to Ashley Brodie’s metal work. Her sustainable practices include using repurposed/recycled sterling silver, steel and found materials, as well as using green production methods in her studio.


DAVID HUANG WORKSHOP: “Vessel Chasing and Micro Finishing Wax”

David was born, raised, trained, and is currently living in the Western Michigan region. He began his metalsmithing education at East Kentwood High School and continued on to earn his BFA with an emphasis in metalsmithing from Grand Valley State University.   Working full-time as a self-employed artist since 2003, David is represented by galleries around the US.  His work has been featured in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft, and numerous other books and publications.

Workshop Description: “In this workshop/demo I will demonstrate various techniques and approaches used in chasing on vessel forms.  I’ll be using microcrystalline wax instead of traditional pitch, and will discuss how to safely fill and empty the vessels of the wax.  In addition to demonstrating chasing techniques I’ll also cover how to make your own chasing tools.  Audience questions are highly encouraged!”

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