Coming in from all over…

Hello all,

I thought that you might like to hear about all of the different schools and professional organizations that are coming to this years symposium.  So without further ado.

Capital University
Radford University
College of the Albermarle
Western Michigan University
Indiana University
University of Georgia
Bowling Green
Caldwell Community College
University of Texas Austin
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
East Tennessee State University
Winthrop University
Virginia Commonwealth university
New Paltz
Umass Dartmouth
& wealth of independent artists

If there is any group we are leaving out, drop us a line and we’ll add you.

Happy New Year,

Your Friendly Symposium Staff


A special thank you…

Hello All,

We wanted to take a moment to thank the business partners and professionals who have generously donated goods, services, or time to making this year’s symposium possible.  We’d like to thank Starbucks Manager Maritza Moore and Jimmy Johns owner Pete Triebenbacher for their restaurants’ support.  We would also like to thank Andrew Herold and Cape Fear Tattoist Justin Essing for their efforts, and Rick Kofsuske aka DJ Castle for agreeing to DJ our farwell party at The Tipsy Teapot.

If at any time during the symposium it occurs to you that you really enjoy the coffee you are drinking, the sandwich you’re eating, or the music you are hearing be sure to thank the people or businesses above.

We are very fortunate to have such generous partners onboard to make this year’s symposium the best it has ever been.

We’ll be seeing you in a couple weeks,

Your Friendly Symposium Staff

Erin Gardner’s Professional Development Workshop

Craft / Product / Project
So you have an Art Jewelry degree, now what?
In this workshop Erin Gardner will discuss her approach to developing a practice based in art jewelry after academia.  Developing an identity by weaving together an individual art practice, a production company, collaborative work and curatorial group projects.  Within this framework we will discuss alternative strategies to promote art jewelry and elevate the field.

Gardner currently lives and maintains a studio in Portland, Oregon where she co-founded and manages the Opulent Project – a collective approach to promote the individual practices of emerging jewelers through themed collections and projects.

Symposium Exhibition Schedule…

Hello All,

One of the most fun and exciting parts about hosting the symposium is showcasing all of the wonderful exhibition spaces around town and this year is no different.  Below are brief descriptions of the exhibitions that are taking place during the symposium.

The Art of Influence is an exhibition that celebrates the ever-present relationships between artists, bringing together the diverse work of 47 artists from across the globe, who have influenced one another in a meaningful way.  The Art of Influence exhibition will take place at the Wellington B. Gray Art Gallery in the Jenkins Fine Arts Center at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina. Opening reception: Friday, January 13th 6pm-8pm. The exhibit will remain up until February 18th.The Gray Art Gallery is open Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 10-2 and is free to the public.  Check us out at:

or on Facebook at

A reprisal of the Adroit exhibition from the inaugural Material Topics symposium is being held at the Mendenhall Student Center gallery.  Adroit II Opens on January 11th and runs through January 31st.  The opening reception is on Friday January 13th from 6-8pm.  Featuring work from the Ceramics, Textiles, and Metals guilds, this exhibition celebrates contemporary craft from students on the campus of ECU.  Refreshments will be served.




Material Topics Participant Exhibition

Each year we fill the cases near the Metal Design Area with work from the symposium participants.  And we are proud to once again highlight all the wonderful work that you have made.  A quick glance up at the cases reveals the varied and compelling work from students across the country.


Drawing in Space

Curated by sculptor and Metal Design Graduate Student, Dejan Jovanovich , the Burroughs Wellcome Gallery will play host to Metal design students and faculty who have been given the challenge of transferring their creative ideas into a larger scale.  With a maximum space of 5’x 5’ and a minimum of 3’x 3’, participants are encouraged to explore the media of their choice with or without a frame.   This could be a collection of things or one large item, the choice is up to you.  The exhibition will be hung in the Burroughs Welcome Gallery during the symposium and the opening reception will be Saturday 14th of January.

There are many more exhibitions around town and we encourage all of you to see as many as your schedule allows.  We’ll be seeing you soon.

Your Friendly Symposium Staff

Symposium Checklist

Hey Everyone!

Thought it would be helpful to give you guys some suggestions on what to bring to symposium 2012! We don’t want anyone to forget anything 🙂

Symposium Checklist

  • A Copy of your Registration form
  • Sent work ahead of time for Symposium participant show.
  • Money/Identification
  • Depending on your housing situation (air mattress, or sleeping bag)
  • Camera
  • Sketch book
  • Business Cards or Show Cards!! Promote yourself!
  • Comfortable clothing/ closed toe shoes
  • FUN! (don’t forget it)
  • Snacks
  • A positive Attitude!!!

See ya there!

Symposium staff

More info–NC Black co.

Hello All,

So we thought that you all might appreciate hearing a little more about this year’s symposium presenters.  Look for more of these in the coming weeks.

NC Black

Andrea Kennington and Les Bryant will be giving a workshop in micro forming with their specialty tools that they make in house at this years symposium.  When they are not making their beautiful tools they can be found traveling around the country sharing their 22 years of experience with established artists and novices alike.  They are fantastic people and we are very excited to have them this year at the symposium.  If you would like to know more about their business, where you can order their fine tools, or just want to check out where in the world they are in their travels, please check out their website and blog at:


Happy Working,

Your Friendly Symposium Staff



Charm swamp info.

Hello Everyone,

Just like last year we will be coordinating a charm swap.  If you are interested simply tell the person working at the reception desk that you have a charm that you wish to include in the swap.  They will take the box that contains your charm from you and assign it a number (1-5).  This number will be written on the back of the name tag that you will receive.  Later on there will be a time for the charms to be swapped and your group number (the number on your name tag) will be called.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Lisette Fee at


Your Friendly Symposium Staff

Material Topics Symposium Participant Exhibition and Registration due dates!

Hello everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder about the symposium participant exhibition and the due dates for registration.  Registration for this year’s symposium will close December 10th and all work sent to the exhibition must be postmarked by January 5th.  Please mail your registration packet to:

2000 Jenkins Fine Art Building

Greenville, North Carolina 27858

Attn: ECU Symposium,

Laritza Garcia & Leia Zumbro

And mail your work for the exhibition to this address:

2000 Jenkins Fine Art Building

Greenville, North Carolina 27858

Attn: ECU Symposium,

Daniel James

Note: Students will be responsible for taking their work home with them following the close of the symposium so please plan accordingly.


Your Friendly Symposium Staff