-Hello everyone! I know everyone is excited about the upcoming symposium. My name is Tara Locklear and will be handling the charm swap for everyone who opted to participate in this event on your registration. Here is a few things to know:

Charm Swap Mission Statement: 

Charms have a place in almost every culture; from milagros, amulet, tokens, talisman.  Whatever you call it, there is something quite special about the charm.  We decided to rekindle the tradition.  And for those of you who have experienced the “Pin Swap” at SNAG every year understand the  excitement of preparing pins to take in an exchange to obtain pins from other artists from different paths and countries. The charm exchange is inspired by that very same concept but keeping it close to home where most of us get our inspiration, motivation and sounding boards for our designs. The Charm Swap is a way we metals students and metalsmiths working in the field can take a piece of our time together, friendship and contemporary craft with us no matter where our paths may lead us after school. Since we all can personalize our own chain or brooch pin for the charms, the charm gathering is all the more fun!

Please have your charm photographed prior to coming to the symposium. We are gathering images for a ECU Metals Guild charm book that is in the works!  Please send images to me at lockleartara@yahoo.com and be sure to include your name, charm title, year produced, description, size dimensions and photo credits.

If you have experienced the “Pin Swap” at SNAG every year or “Tool Swap” at YUMA, you know the excitement of  exchanging treasures with other artists from all over. The charm exchange is similar, but on a smaller and more intimate scale. We exchange charms here at home and are surrounded by a family of artists and friends. The charm exchange is a way we can take a little piece of our time and friendship with each other with us no matter where our paths may lead.

When you register on the morning of Jan 15th, please leave your charm in an unnamed or unlabeled box at the registration table. Make sure your name or business card in inside with your charm though!

Saturday night is the charm swap event along with the exhibition reception. I will call up everyone in groups to pull the box with the corresponding number on your name tag.  Once everyone has pulled, please get up and find your artist and introduce yourself, it is a perfect conversation starter!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email or call me! Thank-you and I look forwarded to meeting everyone seeing all the charms!

Tara Locklear