Coinciding with this years symposium, we are also proud to host a traveling exhibition featuring some of the exciting work that is being done in tin.  Curated by Marlene True, this exhibition, which will be housed over at the Mendenhall student center just behind the art building, features some surprising and beautiful work.  Artists to be included in no particular order include:

J. Fred Woell, Robert Ebendorf, Bobby Hansson, Robert Villamagna, Kathryn Cole, Teri Blond, Ted McDonah, Kim Overstreet and Robin Kranitzky, Harriete Estel Berman, Robbie Barber, Tim Lazure, Leonard Streckfus, Judith Hoyt, Ellen Wieske, Marissa Saneholtz, Daniel Anderson, Bryan Petersen, Stephen Yusko, Kelly Robinson, Donna McCullough, Margaret Couch Cogswell, and Jane Wells Harrison.

We hope you all enjoy this wonderful exhibition.