As we continue to make preparations for the symposium we wanted to take this down time as an opportunity for giving everyone some helpful tips.  There will be a contact list for everyone who attends the symposium.  However, You might want to carry along personal business cards as a way for people to remember you when its over.  We will be meeting so many people, possibly as many as a hundred and twenty!  Because we are all visual people, a business card might be a handy way to make an impression or help you to remember your new friends.  We have attached several cards from our contact list in case you wanted to see the different ways these artist  have chosen to represent themselves.

While we include these artists as a possible source of inspiration for your business cards, please don’t feel as though you have to have your business card professionally printed, some of the most memorable cards can be made at home.

Again… it is not necessary to have a business card we just thought that this might come as a helpful little tip.

Artist Business Cards 

Artist Business cards

Artists Depicted: Liz Steiner, Marissa Saneholtz, Kat Cole, Marlene True, Mario Paredes, Ashley Buchanan, Angela Bubash, Abigail Heuss, Laura Wood, Jennifer Wells, Mara Friedland


Printing Companies we have used include:

Overnight Prints

Vista Prints

Modern Postcard