Pocosin Arts Resident Artist Exhibition

Hephaestus Flatware Set

Hephaestus Flatware Set By Phil Ambrose


Pocosin Arts has been a leader in Arts Education in Northeastern North Carolina for the past 21 years.  During that time, Pocosin Arts launched a residency program that has grown over the years to include three, year-long residencies as well as special short term residencies. The work in the ‘Pocosin Arts Resident Artist Exhibition’ will showcase the work of the many talented artists who have come to Pocosin Arts to participate in our residency program.  We are very proud of all these individual artists. The exhibition will be displayed within Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center for the duration of the symposium. Please contact Marlene True at marlene@pocosinarts.org regarding any interest in Pocosin Arts Center.


Matt Repshure in his studio

Registration is now closed!


Registration is now closed.

So sorry to those who haven’t been able to make it, but we have reached capacity. We appreciate everyone’s interest and support and we will continue to provide updates on the blog as symposium approaches. There are still many exciting things to be announced, so look out!

The Afterlife – Call for Entries


Hello, just in time for Halloween! Here is another opportunity for all you artists out there to participate in another upcoming show, in conjunction with the annual ECU Metals Material Topics Symposium. Curated by Lisette Fee, an ECU alumna, and Barbara McFadyen, “The Afterlife” is asking for artists to breathe new life into work inspired by or using bones. Both 2-D and 3-D media will be accepted until November 20th. Please see attached prospectus for more detail.

The Afterlife Prospectus

Obsession- Call for Entries


Another Call for Entry! The theme of this show focuses on obsession, which is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind and is often an unreasonable idea or feeling. This call supports those thoughts and encourages artists to embrace them in a creative way and is open to all medias. Curated by Phil Ambrose, an ECU alumni and current artist in residence at Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC. Please see attached prospectus for more information.

Obsession Prospectus

It Came From Under the Bench!


Deep from within the drawer, forlorn and almost forgotten… Do you have that special something that you’ve been saving forever, but still haven’t quite figured out what to do with it? This is your chance! This exhibition for the upcoming 2016 Material Topics Symposium presents a challenge for artists to use that special something and will be curated by current graduate students Hosanna Rubio and Sarah Loch-Test. Please see attached prospectus for more details.

It Came From Under the Bench Prospectus

Registration is Open!!


Woah! It’s that time already. We hope that you all are excited to join us in January.The link provided will take you to our registration site, once you are there you will enter your info and pay your registration fee of $75. Just to clarify, there are drop down menus to choose your workshops, both Saturday and Sunday provide time for a morning and afternoon session. The third choice is there just in case we reach capacity for some of the rooms, so pick one for that as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!


We are also including previews for this year’s T-Shirts. Ideally, we would like to get an estimate on how many people are interested in purchasing one. They help fund future symposiums and are designed by our lovely and talented co-chair Kayla Staigvil.


Photography for the Artist and Craftsperson

Jason Dowdle Bio Photo

Jason Dowdle received his first camera at the age of 11 and began developing his own black and white prints. He received a BFA in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. During the 1980’s, Jason was involved in the aerial photographic survey for archaeological sites. He later completed his Masters in Film and Television at University of Texas-Austin. Jason has over 20 years of experience photographing work for artists and is able to capture all media including glass, metal, wood, ceramics, paint and more. His work has been featured on the covers of many national magazines including American Style, Ornament, Art Jewelry, American Craft and Ceramics Monthly. Jason’s photographs have also been included in The Potters Eye by Mark Hewitt, Keepers of Tradition by Maggie Holtzberg, and several Lark 500 publications.

Jason Dowdle Demo Photo

Jason’s workshop is primarily presentation-based. It will answer the question of “Can (or should) an artist photograph his/her own work?” Jason will help attendees examine the technical aspects of producing high end photographs of jewelry and small scale sculpture. The goal of this presentation is to provide attendees with enough knowledge and technical information to execute good-quality images of their work and to provide an understanding of what level of photography is within the reach of non-professional photographers.