Here are the 2015 Presenters!

Here it is!  This is what you have been waiting for…our 24-karat gold line-up of presenters!

Keynote Speaker:

  • Jamie Bennett

Capstone Speaker:

  • Laura Wood

Presentations by:

  • Ana Lopez
  • Brigitte Martin
  • Beverly Penn
  • Chip Thomas
  • Mary Frisbee Johnson

Break-out Sessions:

  • Kristin Beeler
  • Kim Cridler
  • Nicole Jacquard
  • Demitra Thomloudis
  • Becky McDonah
  • Stephanie Metz
  • Chip Schwartz
  • Courtney Starret
  • Rachel Shimpock
  • Ian F. Thomas

Now that you know who is going to be here, you have to attend the symposium!

Next week we will be posting calls for entry for the Symposium-sponsored shows. Get those saw frames ready.

Hello, Again!

Welcome back to the ECU Symposium Blog!


Classes have started here at East Carolina University and we are already well underway in planning our 2015 Symposium! Our theme this year is Crafting Connections. After a long cat nap, we are ready to go again.


We would like to introduce this year’s symposium co-chairs who have been plotting and planning for seven months to bring you a spectacular symposium: Alison Bailey, Mary Klacza, and Sarah Loch-Test.

Alison Bailey has her BFA with an emphasis in Metals and BA in Women’s Studies from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is in her thesis year of the MFA program in Metals Design at East Carolina University.  Her work merges traditional metal and textile techniques. She loves piercing, hippos, and cheese because she is from Wisconsin.

Mary Klacza has her BFA in Human Centered Design from Northern Michigan University and is currently in her thesis year of the MFA program in Metals Design at Eastern Carolina University.  Her work revolves around traditional smithing because she enjoys hammering metal. She also loves cheese.

Sarah Loch-Test has a BFA in Jewelry, Metals & Enameling from Kent State University and is a second year graduate student at East Carolina University.  She used to work with furry costumes and her work is inspired by the time she spent living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Actually, all three co-chairs are from the Midwest and enjoy cheese.


Things to be looking out for in our upcoming posts:

  • This year’s lectures and workshops
  • Multiple calls for entry for shows to be held during the symposium
  • Registration Date (Don’t worry yet! It’s not until October.)

This year, in addition to 17 presenters we will be hosting a discussion panel led by symposium founder Laura Wood!

Goodbye for Now!

goodbye-for-now-blogThank you so much for making the 2014 ECU symposium the BEST ONE YET! Check out some of the pics from that awesome weekend below, and don’t forget to stay tuned in for updates on next years Symposium.

Until then goodbye for now friends!

Sincerely, Your friendly ECU Symposium Staff

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Pack your bags and make your charm! Symposium is Two Days Away!

sewing peep 2 


We cant wait until this weekend!!!! So here is a last minute checklist of things to bring!

  • Personal Identification
  • Cash & Credit/ATM Card(s)
  • Reservations & Itineraries
  • GPS
  • Business Cards
  • Charm in a box
  • Smart Phone, Tablet & Charger
  • Travel Apps: Airline Travel, Where to Eat, etc.
  • Camera, Memory Card & Charger
  • Music Player, Headphones, Speakers & Charger
  • Computer & Cords/Laptop Sleeve
  • Guide Books & Maps
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal Prescriptions
  • Band-Aids for the Saw, File, Solder Sprints ;)
  • Pain & Fever Relievers
  • Allergy Medicines
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Energy Bars & Snacks

and here are just a few last minute reminders!

  • Dont forget your toothbrush!
  • If you are staying with someone please contact them if you have not already and make arrangements to meet with them.
  • Ask your host/hostess if you will need an air mattress.
  • When you register dont forget to pick up a schedule and turn in your charm, below are further charm swap instructions.
  • HAVE FUN when you get here and enjoy the Art Walk Friday Afternoon!!!!

The charm swap at the ECU material topics symposium is always a lot of fun and full of anticipation as you never know whose charm you will receive!  It’s great to see everyone’s work on a small and personal level.

If this is your first time at the symposium, don’t worry, it’s no pressure – just go with it and use this as an opportunity to experiment with your charm.

When you register at the symposium you will turn in your charm.   Each charm is put in a lettered box (A,B,C,D). On the back of your registration card will be written one of those letters (of course it won’t be the one we put your charm in); at the end of the evening – 7pm – Letters will be announced so everyone gets a turn to pick their charm ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!! 

Some times it can get chaotic –  don’t worry, there is plenty to do if the line is a bit long at your lettered section, you can view the work at the “50/50, The Reliquary Redux Exhibition or grab a bite to eat.  Charms will be given out from 7pm-8pm so stay close to the art building lobby and you’ll get your charm!


Your Friendly Symposium Staff

Introducing the Symposium Art Walk Line Up!!

I do postcard A&E _Page_1

As relationships start, evolve, and in some cases end, the individuals change along with them.

Using the premise of the wedding band, the traditional symbol of commitment, participating

artists were asked to create a ring describing their feelings on these close connections.

I  Do. … Do I? is an exhibition about these close connections.

@ The ART ROOM (403 EVANS ST.)

 Curated by Nicole Jacquard as part of her ‘One Night Stand’ series, the traveling International

exhibition features the work of 21 artists all at different stages in relationships.


R-R postcardfront copy copy

“This, to me, is the essence of why reliquaries exist. Not only to protect and display a sacred object, but also to immortalize the life and legacy of the person that object represents and ensure that their story continues to be told”. -Tina Wiltsie

Reliquary/REDUX  is an exhibtion that aims to present possible answers to the question “What is a Reliquary, and what does it contain?”  Juried by Danielle James and Kate Speranza!


 Making Connections is an exhibition highlighting the connections we create as makers

between each other and within our work.

Curated by Mariah Lee Ross & Samantha Clarke, Juried by Nick Heyl



 Parking available, BYOB welcome, 213 W 9th St. Greenville, NC 27834.

Introducing the 1st annual ECU Symposium Pin/Charm Raffle


This year we are adding a fun new event to the weekend! A number of us here at ECU have donated a pin/charm to a raffle off to fundraise for the continuing awesomeness of symposium.  The pins/charms will be on display all weekend in the glass cases outside the Burroughs Wellcome Gallery and you can purchase raffle tickets during the T-shirt sale and other selected times.A single ticket will sell for $3 or you can get four for $10. The winners will be picked during the final party at Peasants in downtown Greenville. Only seven more days!!!!

See Ya’ll Soon